Best Paper Awards

Balaji endowment medal for basic experimental research in atherosclerosis Year of starting 2008 award constituents – certificate / medal / cash

Sri venkateswara cardiac research medial for clinic research on atherosclerosis and allied aspects Year of starting 2008
Award constituents – certificate/ medal / cash

Loard Screenivasa of seven hills gold medal for best original research paper Year of starting 2013
Award constituents – certificate/ medal / cash

Eligibility criteria-

  • The candidate should be a member of the society for at least two years
  • He/she should be the first author of the paper
  • The work should have been carried out in india and should be original in content. The author should indicate whether his work should be considered for award on basic research or clinical research
  • The awarded should be 35 years of age or less, and working in and organization for a minimum period of 3 years.
  • He/she should obtain a certificate from the head of the institute / department that the work was primary carried out by the applicant. The paper should not have been already been published in any scientific journal Br However, the authors will be free to publish the paper elsewhere after presentation, provided that it is acknowledged that the paper was presented at the annual meeting of the isar . Only the abstract of the paper will be prepared in the proceedings of the society.
  • A member who has won the medal against a particular award will not be eligible for a second time, although such a member can be a co-author of a paper for the subsequent award
  • No member can present more than one paper for the award.


  • The abstract of not more than 200 words indicating the name of the medal/ award for which it is submitted at the top of the paper should be sent to the secretary, isar by e-email only
  • The paper submitted for the award will be screened and judged by a panel of three judges.
  • The decision of the panel of judges will be final and binding on all concerned.
  • The papers so selected for the awards will be presented at the annual meeting of the society and 15 minutes will be given to each paper for presentation
  • In case an award is not given to the paper after presentation, then a certificate of merit will be given
  • A paper, if selected but not presented at the conference will not be considered for the award.

Deadline of inviting applications

  • The last date for receipt of the abstract/ applications is July 31st for the year applied.